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Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre is “the people’s pool.”

Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre users are predominately residents of Victoria from diverse backgrounds. Affectionately known as “the Crystal” the facility provides a place of belonging to many. It is the only facility in the Capital Regional District that has swim programs for para athletes and adults and children with intellectual disabilities.

On any given Friday night and Sunday afternoon you will often see Victoria’s youth enjoying a swim with their friends. Throughout the week, local children visit the pool for their weekly swim lesson and on Sunday evenings, after the facility closes to the public, the Muslim community from the neighbouring Mosque often use the facility with their families.

Weekday mornings and early afternoons you will see dozens of seniors participating in Aquafit classes, and in the later afternoon the facility transforms into a hub for youth swimming with both lessons and swim clubs participants jumping into the Crystal’s water. In the evening the facility transforms once again to a place for adults to find fitness through Aquafit, swim clubs and recreational swimming.

But it is the quietest moments during the day where you begin to truly understand the value of this incredible community centre. Spend some time in the lobby with those who seek refuge from the noise, rain and cold and you will find that the Crystal is also a special place for the homeless who often have no where else to go.


It’s the only place I feel included…

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