About the neighbourhood

Located in the centre of Victoria, Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre is easily accessible by walking, cycling, public transit or driving. The Central Park location makes it easy for citizens to use both the indoor facilities and the park for their fitness and wellness pursuits.

City run programs for youth often take advantage of the dual-natured setting for youth camps in the summer. Children are able to learning to swim and participate in other indoor activities for a portion of the day and later safely transition to the park for outdoor activities.

City of Victoria Neighbourhood Population Percents

Crytal Pool & Fitness Centre serves a community of approximately 92,000 people.

Located in North Park, the facility is designed to provide services to all of Victoria’s thirteen neighbourhoods.

Burnside 7.3%
Downtown 3.4%
Fairfield 14.6%
Fernwood 11.8%
Gonzales 5.2%
Harris Green 2.3%
James Bay 14%
Jubilee 6.5%
North Park 3.8%
Rockland 4.4%
Victoria West 8.5%