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These are the councillors who voted to walk away from up to $75 million in funding that could help the most vulnerable members of their community
Left to right
Back row: Jeremy Loveday, Geoff Young, Marianne Alto, Mayor Lisa Helps, Ben Isitt, Sarah Potts, Laurel Collins
Front row: Sharmarke Dubow, Charlayne Thornton-Joe

The Mayor and Council for the City of Victoria have placed the future of the pool at risk by forcing us to referendum we will not win. This has significant impacts for all pool users, especially those who use it for physical and mental wellness.

Our requests to Mayor and Council over the past 10 years gone unheard. We now seeking the support of the Provincial and Federal Government. Each week we will send a letter to someone we believe can help our Mayor and Council figure out how to build our new pool.

To do you part simply:

  1. Down load the letter(s) below
  2. Modify the date of the letter (S)
  3. Modify paragraph one to suit your story
  4. Modify the name and address at the base of the letter
  5. Print 15 copies
  6. Mail (NOT email) the letter to the Minister and all copied on the CC line on page 2 (email is effective). To save on postage drop the letters for the Mayor, Councillors, CFAX and CTV off at the pool and place them in the Victoria Masters Swim Club mailbox (ask the front desk if you are not sure where it is). The club will arrange to drop them off at City Hall and to the media.

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