Why do we need a pool and fitness centre?

Yes. Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre is the only city operated recreation centre that offers aquatic and fitness programming. Communities invest into fitness centres which include pools because of the benefits to the community. Below are some of the benefits sited in the Crystal Pool Feasibility Study. There are many more.

  • Water safety. Learning how not to drown, one of the most basic of human needs and public services especially for communities close to natural waterways;
  • Learning and improving skills in swimming, diving and other water sports;
  • Fitness and conditioning in a medium that is least consumptive and least likely to result in injury because of the buoyancy of the water;
  • Rehabilitation and therapy services to those with disabilities, injury or frailty;
  • Social opportunities in water or on deck that connect people and reduce feelings of isolation;
  • Family opportunities to come together in a recreational setting conducive to all family members;
  • Extensive volunteering opportunities;
  • Mixing segments and subsets of the community with an activity that is worldwide, appeals to people of all ages and abilities; 
  • Leadership training for young people;
  • Special events that rally community identity, spirit and pride;
  • Sport Tourism opportunities associated with swim meets.

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