Why do we need a 50-meter pool?

It’s simple. A 25-meter pool isn’t big enough for the number of swimmers that require the facility today or in the future. Plus a 50m pool has a much broader appeal for the general public, and addresses the shortcomings of a 25m pools.  It will satisfy the needs of the public for the lifetime of the pool.

  • Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre currently cannot accommodate all of the requests it currently receives for rental swim lanes for community clubs.
  • A significant number of pool users use the facility three or more times a per week. This is higher than in most of Canada. This is a good thing by-the-way; Victoria values fitness!
  • The need for indoor swims in Victoria is 22% more than what is being accommodated. The existing facility cannot accommodate an increase in swims.
  • Aquatic use of Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre is characterized by quite intensive use (i.e. three or more times per week) by a few thousand very loyal patrons in the sports training or fitness
  • A 50m pool is more versatile. Length swimmers, shallow water aquafit, lessons and swim clubs can all use the pool at the same time. A 25 meter pool can host only one of these activities at a time.

Did you know the cost of building a 50m pool is approximately 25% more than building a 25m pool; but provides three times the flexibility and twice as much revenue generating pool space?


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