What is wrong with the current facility?

There are three main issues:

  1. End of life: the 2011 Stantec assessed the facility and determined that a number of systems were at risk of failure and the facility was at the end of its life. These systems are at risk of increased failure as each day passes.
  2. Lack of accessibility: Recreation Integration Victoria determined that 20% of Victoria’s residents is excluded from using the current facil ity due to its physical design.
  3. Can’t meet demand: There is currently more demand for the pool than can easily be accommodated during prime time use periods. The need for indoor swims in Victoria is 22% more than what is being accommodated. The demand will increase as the population does.

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  • My question is why not refurbish the existing one. No doubt it needs to be updated. But building a brand new facility seems unnecessary. Esquimalt Rec refurbished with great success. And then there would’nt be a need to find new land for this.
    And what happens to the old crystal pool facility when the new one is finished? Torn down and what? Then you’ll probably lose the park beside it when they most likely sell the land to developers no?

    • Great question Helen.

      Refurbishing would mean no pool for at least 2 years, possibly more. This is unacceptable. The pool is a space where many people manage illness and there is not enough space for us in other pools throughout the Capital Regional District.

      If the new Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre is built in the park there would be no permanent loss of green space. The plans put forward by HCMA suggest building the new centre beside the current centre so there is no interruption in service. This new location maximizes open space in the park.

      Once built, the plan is for the space where the current centre is becomes park space. Existing sport courts and play features would be considered in future park plan. There is an opportunity for the community to provide more information on how to best use this new space.


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