What is the Feasibility Study?

In 2016 the City of Victoria approved funding for a Feasibility Study to investigate the community need for aquatics and related services. The study would recommend how to move forward.

HCMA Architecture + Design an Environment Recreation Consultants (PERC) were hired.

in 2016 over 1,200 people, 79% of them residents of Victoria, participated in a series of engagements through social media, an online survey, events, summer camp activities, school activities, stakeholder interviews and focus groups.

The end result was the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre Feasibility Study and Summary Report which highlight 3 options for moving forward.

Retrofit$40Moperating cost 10% lessno service for 1-2 years
no room for future needs
high risk
Renovate and expand$56Moperating cost 10% lessno service for 1-2 years
high risk
Build a new facility$68Moperating cost 10% less
continuous service
addresses future needs
reduced risk

On February 16, 2017 Council passed a motion that directed staff to develop an implementation plan of a new facility. This option included a new 50 meter pool designed to meet both current and future needs. This decision has been retracted and we are now back at square one.

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  • after reading all the information, I can’t find confirmed decision on when, where the new pool will be built. Please let us know what is going on in the planning.

    • Hi David. That is a great question. The Mayor and Council of the City of Victoria are not giving us a lot of insight into their plans. Our greatest fear is that if they do not make a decision soon and find finding, we will have not pool as the current one will break down.

      We encourage you to contact the Mayor and Council directly to let them know this is an important resource and you would like more information on what they are doing. Their email addresses are available here: https://www.victoria.ca/EN/main/city/mayor-council-committees/contact-mayor-council.html


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