If the pool and fitness centre is built in Central Park would we lose green space?


Central park currently includes Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre, a parking area, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and outdoor fitness area, a children’s play park and two ball fields.

If the new Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre is built in the park there would be no permanent loss of green space. The plans put forward by HCMA suggest building the new centre beside the current centre so there is no interruption in service. This new location maximizes open space in the park.

Once built, the space where the current centre is becomes park space. Existing sport courts and play features would be considered in future park plan. There is an opportunity for the community to provide more information on how to best use this new space.

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  • I would very much like to see the pool built on the park site as there would be little interruption in services and little loss of green space. I also think it is extremely important to have a 50 meter length pool. There are few enough pools in the Victoria area with 50 meter lengths, I am only aware of Commonwealth Place where the 50 meter length swims are limited. As a regular lengths swimmer it is crucial to have enough space to swim as well as enough length to find a rhythm.


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